• Big Shot at the Stratosphere

    If adventure is what you seek for while on vacation in Las Vegas, Big Shot is the only choice that you must try. It is the kind of ride that can literally make you shout your heart out.

    Big Shot is one of the attractions at the Stratosphere Casino, Hotel & Tower that would surely keep your adrenalin rise at an unprecedented level.

    At Big Shot, riders are strapped tightly in specialized seats under the passenger restraint system as they prepare to be shot 160 feet into the air at 45 miles per hour. While up in the air, the riders will have a majestic view of the Las Vegas Valley.

    The riders will be catapulted from the 921-foot high platform up into the Tower’s mast with a height of 1,081 feet and then will be brought down again. Just before the riders can catch their breath, they will be shot back again up into the air and down again. It is only at the Big Shot where riders can experience a gut-wrenching four ‘G’s of force while on their way up and a feel of negative ‘G’s on their way down as their legs dangle over the Las Vegas skyline.

    If you want to try this kind of ride, make sure you are ready to experience the negative ‘G’s.

    Since riders will experience a high-speed ride with high vertical g-forces at an elevated height, it is not recommended for those with physical, mental and medical limitations, particularly those with injuries to the neck and back, arthritis, claustrophobia, high blood pressure, motion sickness, dizziness, heart conditions or seizures. And only those measuring at least 48” are allowed to ride the Big Shot.

    The Big Shot was awarded as the Best of Las Vegas in the Amusement Ride category by the Las Vegas Review Journal.

    If unequalled thrill is your cup of tea, the Big Shot is definitely for you.

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