• Exotics Racing

    If you want to try the best driving experience in America, go to Exotics Racing, the racing school with the world’s largest fleet of exotic cars.

    Owned by professional racing driver with five French national titles Romain Thievin and investment banker David Perisset, Exotics Racing is out to give you the chance of having the adrenaline rush of driving the coolest supercars on the planet within its two exclusive racetracks located at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway and at Auto-Club Speedway, which were professionally designed for this fleet.

    Las Vegas Motor Speedway is the headquarters of Exotics Racing that features 1,800 feet straight that concludes with a high speed banked turn.

    The Auto-Club Speedway, which is located in Fontana, California, is a new high-speed adrenaline venue for racers that is poised to become a top attraction for both tourists and residents of Southern California.

    Both racetracks have a track length of 1.2 miles – 2 km and top speeds that vary between 110 to 130 mph (180 to 210 km/h). They are equipped with F1 TechPro barriers and FIA walls, and are fully staffed with professional racing instructors, world class hosts and certified fire and safety personnel.

    Romain and David built Exotics Racing based on a shared passion for cars. For them, there’s no greater satisfaction than seeing the beaming smile of a first-timer behind the wheel in the car of their dreams.

    Exotics Racing has the largest fleet of supercars available for clients. It has over 60 car fleet of supercars, from Ferrari to Lamborghini and Mclaren, which are valued at over $12 million.

    Exotics Racing offers racing series, racing school and safety driver programs.

    Since 2009, Exotics Racing has been providing the truest and the most thrilling drive on track, hosting more than 230,000 satisfied drivers. It has the safest and the fastest racetracks that are professionally designed specifically for supercar experiences for drivers of any level.

    If you want to experience driving a supercar on the race track, Exotics Racing is the only place to be. You can surely push the performance of these supercars to the limit through the help of the company’s top racing instructors who deliver professional coaching on track like nowhere else in the world.

    Feel how it’s like to drive a supercar for the first time at Exotics Racing, where your driving experience is surely unforgettable from start to finish.

    Romain and David invite you to experience the pure, unadulterated excitement of driving the supercar of your dreams at Exotics Racing.

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