• Las Vegas Natural History Museum

    Opened in July 1991, the Las Vegas Natural History Museum houses a varied collection of wildlife and prehistoric exhibits that provide an exciting and interactive learning experience to everyone.

    The Las Vegas Natural History Museum takes young and old to a learning adventure around the world, from the desert to the ocean, from Nevada to Africa, and from prehistoric times to the present.

    The museum was born to inspire people through educational exhibits and programs and promote a better understanding and appreciation of the natural world, the sciences and the people themselves.

    The museum promotes educational programming through field trips, classroom outreach, educational loans and by providing online content. Specifically, it serves students in the community through field trips, which are carefully designed to meet the interests, developmental and age level, and academic connections of all participants.

    Included in the field trip programs are Learning Safari, Science Sleuths – Fossil Stories and Science Sleuths – Ancient Egypt.

    Learning Safari, intended for pre-kindergarten up to 5th grade students, includes a guided educational experience through four galleries that are chosen based on grade level and theme.

    This program follows three themes: I Spy the Natural World, Homes and Habitats and Animal Adaptations.

    “I Spy the Natural World” is designed for pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students. It introduces and practices early science skills such as observation, compare and contrast and early math and supports receptive language skills, cognitive skills and motor skills.

    “Homes and Habitats” is designed for Grades 1 and 2 and introduces students to animals living in a variety of habitats, ecosystems and biomes to emphasize both the commonalities of animal homes and the great diversity.

    “Animal Adaptations” is designed for Grades 3 to 5 which allows the students to interpret the adaptations for animals all over the world and evaluate how they survive in their environment.

    The Science Sleuths – Fossil Stories program is designed for older students, particularly 5th and 6th grades. This program allows them to discover past worlds by investigating fossil evidence and is done in combination with a gallery experience and a Museum classroom lab experience.

    The Science Sleuths – Ancient Egypt program allows grades 6 to 8 students to investigate the life of the Ancient Egyptians through simulation and role play activities where students will discover the social dynamics of past civilizations, as well as timeless legacies that have endured for thousands of years.

    The museum not only offers field trips to students but also to groups with 10 or more members, although advanced reservations are required.

    Being a student-centered institution, the Las Vegas Natural History Museum offers affordable entrance fees to students (between $3 to $4) while K-12 teachers are always welcome to visit without paying any entrance fees. They only need to show their teacher I.D.

    But the museum offers scholarship to schools that “demonstrate an economic need,” based on the school’s population.

    The museum also offers its Heritage Park for use by students and schools for picnics before or after their program. The park has complete amenities that provide a relaxing and comfortable stay.

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