• Machine Guns Vegas

    Learn the basics of gun use at Machine Guns Vegas, the top shooting range in Las Vegas.

    If you are looking for a premier shooting range while on vacation in the Sin City, Machine Guns Vegas is the only place where you can have a Vegas-lounge experience that lets you fire the kind of kick-ass artillery similar to what you see in the hands of the highly-skilled teams of SEAL and Delta Force.

    At Machine Guns Vegas, you will get the real feel of firing out and clearing a room by pulling the trigger. Here, every shot is a sensory experience of thrill and excitement.

    Both first-timer and experienced shooters are welcome to take their own shot at Machine Guns Vegas. Its wide selection of armory that includes over forty firearm options can make you feel like you are already a pro. It has one of the most diverse collections of premier armament in Las Vegas, making it the best gun range in this Entertainment Capital of the World.

    You can choose from among its fully automatics, semi-automatics, pistols and shotguns, from modern machine guns to historical handguns.

    If you want to try your shot using a full automatic gun, try the lightweight submachine M4, the smaller version of M16, which is a favorite due to its high performance in tight and close combat situations.

    Or you can try the RPK (Ruchnoy Pulemjot Kalashnikova-Kalashnikov), a Russian-made light handheld machine gun that is gas-operated, magazine-fed and air-cooled. You can also try the famous UZI.

    But you can also go for semi-automatics particularly the KRISS Super V, which is a favorite among gamers due to its exotic design that allows reduced recoil and muzzle climb, or the Hollywood favorite HK 416D, a German-made gun that features a match-grade precision barrel and a machined rail interface system, which has been featured in several movies such as Terminator Salvation, The Expendables 2 & 3, Skyfall, Red 2 and Zero Dark Thirty.

    Or try the glock pistols, the kind of gun that can be instantly recognized as all police departments in the United States use this.

    Better yet, you can try the SPAS-12 shotguns, a dual-mode shotgun designed for combat used by select military organizations in the world.

    But the best adventure you can try that can give you an ultimate shooting experience is the Machine Gun Helicopters (MGH) where civilians like you can shoot a fixed M249 (SAW) belt fed machine gun or an M60 belt fed machine gun from a helicopter. Here, you will experience what it really feels to be a military door gunner on a helicopter.

    At Machine Guns Vegas, you can experience firsthand the weapons that are used in some movies and games owing to its extensive arsenal.

    Taking your shot at the Machine Guns Vegas is definitely a fulfilling experience, it being voted as the best shooting range in Las Vegas by The Las Vegas Review-Journal Poll. It is where safety is combined with a spectrum of gun selections that are only found in a military training facility.

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