The work of the mobile locksmith is to provide automotive locksmith services to customers. If you want to begin working in this field, it is important to identify all the tools that the job requires. You will receive calls from customers who locked keys in their cars.

    Customers who have misplaced or lost their car keys will get in touch with you too. Without the right tools, it would be much harder to satisfy the needs of such customers. The specialized tools are mandatory if you are to avoid causing more damage to the car doors and the locks.

    A visit to the local lock stores will is all that you need to find and buy the right types of tools for your work. On the other hand, you can find the tools by joining organizations such as Associated Locksmiths of America or ALOA and becoming a registered member.

    If all else fails, identify a reliable locksmith with years of experience and ask for help with the tools. A few of the tools that you depend on to provide excellent locksmith services and solutions include the following:

    1. Slim Jim

    This tool is also called slim shim. It is a primary tool that you must have in your possession to succeed in providing mobile locksmith services. A steel bar is one of the major components of the tool. The steel bar measures between a few inches to several feet in length.

    The steel bar has a bottom notch in addition to featuring a slope or bend along the length. The locksmith inserts this tool on the car window specifically between the weather-stripping and the glass thus unlocking the door without using keys.

    1. J&L Tools

    J is a tool for cars with raised lock/unlock buttons. Since the raised lock and unlock buttons are a common feature of older cars, the J tool is for such types of vehicles. The buttons on newer cars feature either recessed or electrical lock systems.

    As a mobile locksmith, you have to feed the J tool via the window so that it reaches the inside of the car. Once inside the car, you can maneuver the tool accordingly thus raising the unlock button and releasing the door so that the customer is able to enter the car and retrieve the key.

    Although the L tool shares several similarities with J, the main difference is in the shape. The shape of the L tool enables it to be compatible with different car models. However, the J&L tools require a bit of supplementing with wires and guides, as they are ineffective on their own.

    1. Auto Jigglers

    Auto jigglers are also known as bump keys or tryouts. The jigglers resemble keys and lock picks. Although the jigglers look like keys, you will notice that each of them has a unique shape that makes it effective in picking locks.

    As a mobile locksmith, you need several sets of jigglers depending on the wide variety of major car models that are in the market today. For example, you need a separate set when dealing with Fords. Similarly, you need separate sets each for European cars and trucks respectively.