• Smart Locks For Extra Las Vegas Home & Business Security

    Security, as always, continues to be a big issues for Las Vegas home and business owners. If you are not using the right set of locks, or if your locks do not function properly, you might as well lay out a welcome mat for would-be thieves and burglars. But in this day and age, security is about more than keeping your home or business safe, it is about convenience. This is where Las Vegas smart locks come into play.

    Available for both homes and commercial properties, smart locks allow for better management of the security of your Las Vegas property.  In Las Vegas, Top Master Locksmith is a leading installer of smart locks. Check out the info below on smart locks from an affordable locksmith Las Vegas.

    What Are Smart Locks?

    You’ve probably used or read about the apps that let you adjust the thermostat or the lighting in your home from your mobile phone. This same technology also makes it possible for you to use smart locks in your Las Vegas home or business.

    A smart lock is very similar to a standard lock in many ways. Except instead of a normal key, you use something that will send a digital signal to it to unlock it. So, for example, you might have an app on your smartphone or a small fob that opens your locks for you. 

    You can also choose to allow access via a key code, depending on the type of lock you choose.

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    Using a phone app to unlock a home’s smart locks.

    Are Smart Locks Really Better? 

    From a convenience point of view, absolutely. There is no fiddling to find keys. If you have a fob-operated lock, all you would have to do is hit the unlock button. If you feel that this is still too much like having keys, then consider electronic keypad locks. 

    Electronic locks like keypad locks make entering and exiting your property securely very easy. These are very similar to the Las Vegas commercial secure access systems local businesses use. Most electronic smart locks include a one touch or single button locking feature so that locking up on the way out or after coming home is fast and effortless.

    Frequently worried that you might not have locked your door? Smart locks can be programmed to automatically lock. Or, if you are using Las Vegas residential electronic locks that work with a smartphone, you can lock your doors from anywhere using your phone.

    Want Something Easier?

    Some of the current market options allow you to control your lock using your home kits or speakers. You could unlock your door simply by telling Alexa to do it for you. So, if you have friends coming over, you don’t even have to worry about meeting them at the door anymore.

    You could even check that you have locked all the doors thanks to your app, or unlock the door when your cleaning service arrives, even if you aren’t home.

    Electronic Locks Are More Secure

    You don’t want to give everyone and their uncle a key to your home. But what happens if you have someone who works for you on a regular basis who needs to access your Las Vegas home? With smart locks, you can assign them temporary codes. You can delete these codes if they leave and even control exactly when they may have access.

    So, say you have a cleaning lady that comes in on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You assign her a code that will only work on Tuesdays and Thursdays. She can come and go as she needs to for work and you have a complete record of when she arrived and when she left.

    If she resigns, you don’t have to worry about changing the locks; you just need to cancel her access.

    Las Vegas smart lock installation can be just as effective in the office as in the home. Choose whatever access level you want your employees to have, and they need to key in that code to gain access to other areas. They won’t be able to access areas that you don’t want them to, and you will be able to track their movements.

    As long as the locks have been installed by a pro, they are going to be very difficult to get around. The standard way that a criminal would try would be to pick the lock to open up the locking panel. A pro installer will ensure that the screws used are completely tamper-proof.

    Also, while most locks have the keypad on the outside, there are those that are more discreet in nature. Looked at from the outside, these seem exactly the same as your standard Yale lock.

    The Future Of Las Vegas Electronic Locks

    Smart locks have come a long way since they were first developed. It should be remembered that this tech is still in its infancy so there may be one or two snags along the way. However, even at this stage of their development, they still provide a far more secure solution and alternative to traditional locks. 

    As the technology progresses, we are going to see a lot of new and better ways to use it. Want to get started with a more secure Las Vegas home access system? Call (702) 912-7612 to learn more about our Las Vegas electronic lock installation.