• Spanish Trail

    Luxurious living is what most people in Las Vegas enjoy. Much more those who settled in Spanish Trail, Las Vegas’ finest residential community that is home to more than 1,200 families who enjoy a lifestyle that is both private and luxurious.

    The Spanish Trail is the city’s premier upscale private residential community developed by couple Joe and Mary Blasco, who settled in Las Vegas in 1953.

    The Blasco couple dreamt of building an exclusive community in their property where they could live and play in privacy, security and serenity. And their dream became a reality with the development of Spanish Trail.

    Spanish Trail boasts of luxurious homes that surround a magnificent 27-hole championship golf course, recognized as one of America’s finest. This makes Spanish Trail one of Southwest’s most prestigious communities.

    Spanish Trail is composed of 10 associations with different kinds of housing structures.

    At the Court Yards, 117 town homes are built whose residents enjoy all access to a pool located behind the cul-de-sac of 7201-7221 Mission Hills Drive.

    At least 87 single family homes made up the Carmels, which are divided in two locations, the Carmel Circle (Crow Valley Lane and Horseshoe Bend Lane) and The Carmels (Carmel Ridge Court).

    At the Gardens, 133 town homes are settled, which are also separated in two different locations — the Gardens and the Gardens West, which are both located on Spanish Trail Lane.

    The Estates at Spanish Trail is composed of 171 custom homes and/or lots while at the Islands, there are 109 town homes.

    The biggest association at the Spanish Trail is the Links with 210 single family homes while Plum Creek has only nine single family homes and three town homes.

    The Springs, on the other hand, has 142 town homes while the Villas has 181 single family homes.

    But as a whole, the Masters association is like the “patriarch” of the community since it is composed of 10 sub-associations, namely Carmels, Court Yards, Estates, Estates West, Gardens, Islands, Links, Plum Creek, Springs and Villas, which totaled 1,238 lots.

    The Spanish Trail in Las Vegas is a place where residents live in harmony with nature while enjoying life’s perks and amenities.

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