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    Alcohol is a integral part of human society, and it has been for about as long as humans have cultivated grains of any sort. Unfortunately, the negative effects associated with alcohol have been around just as long. Drinking brings all sorts of variables into the mix, and it makes it harder to maintain standard levels of safety, balance, and memory. Drinking alcohol can have some detrimental effects that you may not even consider, like your ability to keep track of your personal items, including your cellphone or car keys, and it can even cause you to damage your own property.


    There are a lot of ways that alcohol can force you to seek out services you don’t usually use, like those of a locksmith. Top Master Locksmith is a premium locksmith service provider located in Las Vegas, and we have a brand new location that has opened in Henderson, Nevada. We are the number one rated locksmith for Las Vegas on Google, and our services are additionally available in Boulder City, Spring Valley, Enterprise, Paradise, Summerlin, Sunrise Manor, North Las Vegas, and Henderson. Below are just four reasons why you might need to call a professional locksmith from Top Master Locksmith after a night of drinking.


    1. Lost Car Key

    After a few too many cocktails it starts to become difficult to keep your composure. After a few more you may lose yourself entirely. You can’t be expected not to lose something else if you lose yourself to the evening, and that thing is usually your car keys. A locksmith from our new Henderson location could replace the lost key, and even make duplicates in case you lose it again.


    1. Lost House Key

    Most people keep all their keys on a single ring, and if you lose one, you lose them all. A lost car key might be able to wait until the morning, but you don’t have to go breaking your own window to just get back inside your house at three in the morning. Call a locksmith from Top Master Locksmith instead. Our services are available 24/7, so you won’t have to worry about a lack of service late in the evening or early in the morning.


    1. Broken Keys

    You might not necessarily lose your keys, but once you’ve been drinking you might find yourself accidentally causing damage to things. One of the most commonly broken items is a key, mainly because drunk people get frustrated with the wrong key, or they can’t manage to get the correct key to work and it eventually breaks off in the lock. A locksmith can replace a broken key no matter where it was broken.


    1. Broken Lock

    If a key is broken off in a lock, it can cause irreparable damage to the lock. A locksmith like one from Top Master Locksmith will need to replace the lock itself and issue new keys. A professional locksmith can handle the job quickly and efficiently.