• Access Control Systems 

    As a business owner, it is essential that you keep your clients, premises, and employees as safe as possible. That’s why you should be looking at the best access control systems, Las Vegas. Access to the building may be only a small part of your concern.

    You may also want to limit access to sensitive areas within the building as well, and perhaps look at ways to ensure that clients don’t wander into back-office areas. Access control, for a lot of reasons, can be a really important issue for your business.

    That’s why you need to consider access control systems and solutions seriously. If you are unsure if your Las Vegas business requires an access system, or if you don’t know what solutions might be best for your business, here are some of the considerations from a Las Vegas locksmith

    Choose How Access Will Work

    The first thing to consider is how access is going to work. Do you want someone at the front door to check ids and buzz everyone in? It’s great for security but can be overkill in some areas.

    Do you give employees keys to the rooms that they need to access? That is also a little clunky, all things considered. A more modern method is to give an employee a key card. These can be programmed with a particular level of access specific to each employee so that they only need one key card to access all the appropriate areas. 

    Another advantage of this system over the traditional lock and key systems is that it is easy to rescind access for an employee who leaves the company. With normal key systems, it may not be enough to simply have an employee return their keys. A particularly disgruntled employee may have made copies of a key set and you may need to consider rekeying the locks of your Las Vegas business or replacing them altogether.

    If your business runs on security, you might feel that the biggest advantage of a key card system is that you can track the movements of your employees, including which areas of your company they have accessed at what times. 

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    Using a key card to enter a building with a commercial access system.

    Start Looking Into a System

    Once you have determined how you need to grant access to and within your Las Vegas company, you can begin to look into the commercial access systems available for Las Vegas companies. Here are some of our top tips for choosing a system.

    Read Reviews

    There is no shortage of access control systems available as the technology becomes more and more important to businesses. You’ll need to do some research into the different access control system suppliers in your area, as well as the individual systems on the market. A great way to determine what system to install is to read online reviews. Check for companies that have detailed positive reviews. You should also check for and avoid companies where their reviews frequently mention critical problems with the installation or the access system.

    Compare Commercial Access System Pricing

    The price that you pay is going to depend on how much security you want, whether or not you would like an IP system or a more traditional one, and the number of access points you will want. While this may sound expensive, the DIY approach is often not recommended as it takes technical knowledge and experience to both install and setup access control systems so that they function as intended. 

    Getting a professional in will cost a little more, but you won’t need to worry about whether or not your Las Vegas access control has been set up properly. It also bears considering that access points should be tamper-proof. A pro can ensure that this is the case for your business.

    What Access Features Are Important to You?

    This is going to depend on the kind of business that you are running. Do you need to be able to track employees while they are in the building, or is it enough that you only know when they entered and left?

    Would you like surveillance of the access points as well? Is your main idea to keep public areas separate or do you need to maintain different levels of access within the staff areas as well? Knowing how much control you need with the commercial access control system you install in your Las Vegas business goes a long way towards helping you to install a system that gives you the security and manageability that you need. 

    How Much Access do YOU Need?

    As the owner or CEO, you will want to be able to access as many areas as possible. But the access that we are talking about here refers not to your physical access to the building, but rather how much control you have over the system.

    If you have to travel for business a lot, for example, you might want to be able to check in on what is going on at the business. You might need to change access code levels for new staff or staff that have left.

    You might want to delegate this monitoring to a security manager within your business. Either way, think about whether or not you would want to access records or change access levels and gather info remotely.

    How A Locksmith Can Help

    If you need to install a Las Vegas commercial access system, start by finding an experienced and accredited locksmith in Las Vegas. Companies like Top Master Locksmith will be able to easily assist you in choosing an access system for your entry points and secure areas of your business. Call us today at (702) 912-7612 to learn more about our secure access systems and installation.