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  • Getting locked outside of your car can create panic and stress. In such uncomforting situations, our highly competent and efficient locksmiths provide you with instant relief with solutions to best combat all of your serious locksmith challenges. Whether the situation requires a car key repair, a car key replacement, or even a car lock repair/replacement, our highly trained professional experts will ensure that you are relieved of your issues without any unnecessary delay. 

    We are expert Automotive Locksmiths in Las Vegas and offer fast car locksmith services in North Las Vegas.

    Our esteemed customers can benefit from our reliable and effective services 24/7, any hour of the day, any day of the week, even on holidays.

    A car is one essential property that most people need to have, especially if they live in areas where public transport is scarce or unavailable.

    Most cars need a key to run. Without the key, you can’t start the car’s engine and you definitely can’t drive. But what happens when your car’s key won’t work and the engine won’t start? Surely, this situation will leave you in panic mode.


    A vehicle has an immobilizer, which puts it in a steady mode. Keys are needed to disarm the immobilizer, allowing you to start the engine and drive off.

    Twenty years ago, auto manufacturers started putting small computer chips inside car keys to reduce vehicle theft and as an additional security measure to properly identify and verify the car’s user.

    These chips, called transponders, transmit “messages” to the vehicle “asking” it to switch off the immobilizer after the car key is inserted into the ignition and the engine starts.

    If your car uses a key with a transponder, you need to have it programmed. Otherwise, your car will not start.

    If your car’s transponder key has not been programmed, you can never start the car’s engine because the immobilizer will not be disarmed. However, you can still use the key to open the car doors and trunk. But what’s the use of your car if you can’t go places?

    So the best thing that you need to do is call an auto locksmith to program the transponder of your car’s key. But be sure to call the right locksmith who is really an expert in transponder key programming. This is a complicated job, so you need an esteemed and well-trained locksmith to complete this job for you. 

    If you are looking for the right locksmith in Las Vegas, Top Master Locksmith is the only choice.

    Top Master Locksmith has over a decade of experience in transponder key programming, offering the best service at the most affordable price to clients in the greater Las Vegas valley.


    Aside from transponder programming, Top Master Locksmith also offers key cloning, which involves copying the transponder of car keys to replace a lost or damaged one. 

    Depending on the type of transponder your keys have, the process of key cloning is simple – read the original chip, get the data from the key, and insert a cloning transponder to write the data onto. And technicians of Top Master Locksmith are expert on this.


    Aside from these, Top Master Locksmith also offers other auto lockout services such as replacement of lost keys, programming services, restoration of damaged keys, removal or restoration of broken keys, new or replacement of VATS keys, key duplication, Immobilizer reflash service and key cutting services.

    Top Master Locksmith also accepts motorcycle keys for servicing, key shells or cases and auto chip keys.  
    Losing your motorcycle keys can surely give you a lot of inconveniences. But good thing Top Master Locksmith can help you in the event of a lockout.

    Losing your motorcycle keys means you can’t just start your bike but you also lose access to the seat lock, fuel tank, fork lock and helmet lock. And you can’t make another key unless you know your bike’s key code, which is usually stamped on the key itself. But some codes are stamped anywhere on the bike itself and that’s where Top Master Locksmith can help you so you can have another spare key to use for your bike.

    Top Master Locksmith is always available to instantly relieve you of all your car locksmith problems with efficient service that produces reliable results. Its team of car locksmiths and technicians are highly qualified and well trained, and their remarkable professional expertise and efficiency allow them to provide you with effective and quick locksmith services. These expert locksmiths and technicians have a rich and diverse technical experience in dealing with all leading brands of locks used in all major cars.

    Motorcycles from Harley Davidson are most welcome for servicing at Top Master Locksmith, and even Hummer. 

    Top Master Locksmith serves motorists as well as residential and commercial customers in the Greater Las Vegas Valley for any locksmith issues such as emergency lockouts, motorcycle locks, Marshall evictions, high-security locks, digital locks, fingerprint locks, combination locks, pick resistant locks, entry gate locks, sliding door locks, screen door locks, decorative handle sets, customized master rekey systems, laser cut keys, access systems, panic bars installation, safes opening and installation, and so much more. 

    Top Master Locksmith is also an expert when it comes to all locksmith services for commercial establishments, particularly keypad locks, key card locks and secure locks.

    The company serves the communities of Henderson, North Las Vegas, Summerlin, Paradise, Enterprise, Sunrise Manor, Spring Valley and Boulder City. 

    Top Master Locksmith is an accredited business of the Better Business Bureau, five-stars on Yelp. It is a proven industry leader in the Vegas area assisting both residents and tourists with their lock issues. 

    Getting your hands full for any or all locksmith issues is definitely frustrating and stressful. That’s why Top Master Locksmith is here to spare you from this hassle. 

    So for any of your locksmith concerns that need urgent and immediate attention, call Top Master Locksmith for a fast and reliable 24-hour emergency lock and key services. Get a free quote now from any of its three different locations in Las Vegas.

  • Auto Lock Out Services Include:

    Lost Key Replacement, Transponder Key Replacement, Programming Services, Damaged Key Replacement, Broken Key Removal/Remake, VATS Key Remake/Replacement, Ignition Lock Repair, Key Cloning, Key Duplication, Lexus-Toyota-Honda ECU/Immobilizer Reflash Service, Motorcycle Key Services, Key Shells/Cases, Ignition Replacement, Car Key Ignition, Transponder Key Programming, Auto Chip Key Services, Ignition Switch Repair, Jammed Ignition Key Removal, Key Cutting Services, and So Much More!

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