• Commercial CCTV Systems For Las Vegas Businesses

    Advancements in technology have made CCTV systems not only more efficient, but more affordable. As a business, there really is no reason not to invest in a Las Vegas CCTV system for your commercial property. You don’t need to spend a fortune getting a good system, but you do need to know what features to look for in a CCTV camera system so that you get the best features for your money.

    Surveillance systems have come a long way from grainy black and white thumbnail images. The latest surveillance camera systems in Las Vegas can make out faces and features, record colored video, and can even make out conditions in the environment. But why is this so important? As a business, you need to be aware of a number of legal obligations to your business and your employees. For instance, what if one of your employees files a claim for workers compensation due to a slip and fall accident? Without a surveillance system, you won’t be able to prove the truth of this claim for yourself.

    Today’s cameras will not only record the incident but also record whether or not it was a genuine accident or a staged slip. But the applications for CCTV and Las Vegas business security go beyond just monitoring your employees. Las Vegas CCTV systems can also help you to keep your business secure by monitoring both interior and exterior points of your property. 

    If your business is ready to step up security and install a closed circuit television camera system, talk to a 24 Hour Locksmith in Las Vegas to get started. Top Master Locksmith knows that your company’s security is of the utmost importance; check out our CCTV buyers tips below.

    DIY or Professional CCTV Installation

    There are systems that just require you to plug the cable into the right socket, and that’s it, all done. This is a popular option for those wanting to save a bit of money. While this might be the best option for many homeowners, it’s often a poor choice for business owners when it comes to Las Vegas security measures. 

    Do you know exactly how many cameras you should have to ensure that you have full coverage? Do you know what angles the cameras should be set at? Have you noted all of your property’s blind spots and taken steps to highlight them with a surveillance system? These are things that an experienced Las Vegas CCTV installation contractor will take into account when helping you to choose your surveillance system. 

    Do yourself and your business a favor and have a professional install your camera system. Initially, it will cost a little more to call in the pros, but the cost is well worth it to be sure that your property is completely covered and monitored for potential risks.

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    Surveillance cameras monitor a corporate office park in Las Vegas.

    IP or Analog Surveillance

    IP systems are more expensive, but not prohibitively so. They are now almost on a par with the older analog versions. Which do you choose? Think of it as the difference between watching normal TV and watching high def.

    Analog systems have a limited range when it comes to playback. This means that you might not be getting the clearest picture on them. IP systems, on the other hand, start at a resolution of 1080p and some do even better than that.

    Because of this higher res footage, the camera can cover a lot more area than your typical analog camera. So while the cost of an analog system might be more in line with your budget, you should consider what your business security is really worth. Choosing higher definition picture quality with extended range can make the difference in identifying a suspect in the event that your business security is breached. 

    What do You Want Your CCTV to Capture?

    Why are you installing the camera in the first place? Is it to ensure that the staff is not robbing you blind? Is it to make sure that clients don’t steal? Is it to identify people who are trying to make a quick buck through a fake lawsuit? Is it to monitor your business against intrusion? 

    You know what your business needs. It could be something as simple as just keeping an eye on the warehouse. Or, it could be more complex, with a system that reads the number plates of cars gaining access to your property. 

    How and When to Record

    The next thing to think about is how and when to record. Most Las Vegas CCTV systems these days will store the information on a hard drive. Normally, when the drive becomes full, the information is recorded over again.

    You could, if you prefer, switch out a new drive for the full one, but that would depend on how long you want to keep the records for. Most companies only keep footage from a few months or less. Alternatively, you could have the footage written to disk and stored in this way. Some smaller systems will only show video and will not record the footage for future review. 

    Newer models are being built with some onsite storage capacity. This is useful where a site is remote and where it is difficult for the camera to be wired up. Another option is in storing footage in the cloud. This requires that the camera has Wi-Fi access

    A combination of systems may be your best bet. If you are concerned about the amount of data to be stored, you could choose to have the cameras record only if motion has been detected.

    Remote Access Surveillance Systems 

    What happens if you need to go away on a business trip, or out to a meeting? Having a system that allows you to log in remotely either through your phone or laptop can be a useful tool for you. Monitoring the CCTV system for your Las Vegas business on the go can be detrimental.

    Hire A CCTV Installer

    Closed circuit television surveillance has changed a lot in the last few years. Installing a discreet and effective CCTV system is a lot more affordable than you might think. The hard part is installing the system properly. Top Master Locksmith has the experience necessary to install a Las Vegas commercial surveillance system. Call us today at (702) 912-7612 to find out more about extending the security of your business.