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    Businesses and any commercial establishments are prone to be victimized by burglars or robbers, especially those with lax security system and those located in less populated areas. That is why businesses need an expert locksmith in Las Vegas.

    According to the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) program of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, robbery is a violent crime that results to hundreds of dollars in losses to the establishment.

    Based on a data from the UCR, an estimated 1,165,383 violent crimes occurred in the United States in 2014. Of this number, 325,802 or 28% are robberies that occurred in commercial houses (supermarkets, department stores, restaurants), convenience stores, gas and service stations, and banks. Basing from the supplemental reports of law enforcement agencies, the average loss of businesses per robbery was $1,227. The average dollar losses were highest for banks with $3,816 per offense followed by commercial houses with $1,872, gas and service stations with $1,206 average loss per offense, and $699 for convenience stores. According to the US Department of Justice, robberies accounted for losses estimated at nearly $539 million in 2006.

    Robbery is often a big-city crime and mainly occurs during night time up until dawn, often increases during winter due to the extended period of darkness. A separate data for burglary showed that in 2014, an estimated 1,729,806 break-ins occurred with 542.5 incidents per 100,000 inhabitants. Of the number, 85.6% occurred in metropolitan areas and 56.3% involved forcible entry, 35.2% were unlawful entries and 6.5% comprised forcible entry attempts. The bad thing is that, all suspects in both robbery and burglary incidents in 2014 were not arrested. Only 29.7 robbery suspects and 74.9 burglary suspects per 100,000 inhabitants were arrested. The low arrest rate is mainly attributed to the often inadequate witness identification since, in the majority of these cases, the victims and the suspects are complete strangers.

    Though banks and commercial establishments now install video cameras that can help in identifying the suspects, the picture quality is often the most common problem that prevents authorities from making arrests.

    Robberies and burglaries happen anywhere. And you wouldn’t know, your establishment could be the next target so you have to do something to prevent this from happening. Assess your security system. Do you have even the basic security cameras in your office? Have you installed the correct and the safest locks to the entrance and exit doors of your establishment? Are your office cabinets secured enough to thwart any possible break-ins? It is very important to assess the overall security system of your establishment to prevent you from being victimized by the bad guys. But if you are not sure about this, you might need the help of a locksmith who can do the assessment and possibly install all the needed locks and latches to make sure your business is safe from burglars or robbers.

    Or if your office cabinet is tightly secured but you misplaced or accidentally lost the key which prevents you from retrieving a very important document, you also need a locksmith to help you open the cabinet.

    In the Greater Las Vegas Valley, there is one locksmith who can help you solve all your security issues and diverse range of locksmith concerns -- Top Master Locksmith.

    Top Master Locksmith is the top locksmith expert in Las Vegas that offers fast and reliable lock and key services to commercial clients. Locally owned and operated, Top Master Locksmith has over a decade of experience in the commercial locksmith business and is licensed, insured and certified, and offer low, flat price rates to clients. Top Master Locksmith boasts of a team of highly competent and well-trained professional locksmith experts and technicians who can install the most secured lock for your business and help you fix a key replacement for your cabinet so you can retrieve your precious file in no time.

    These highly qualified, well trained and extremely competent professional locksmith experts and technicians are dedicated to providing you with the quickest, most reliable and effective locksmith solutions in the least possible time.

    With the rapidly accelerating crime rate and the significant increase in commercial thefts and burglaries, it is crucial for all services and retail business owners to ensure maximum security of their cash, their premises, merchandise, and equipment. And Top Master Locksmith’s professional experts and technicians are equipped and competent in providing highly advanced and modern technology lock systems for your business that can provide unparalleled security and reliability, thanks to their years of experience and rigorously demanding technical training.

    Before setting up the lock system, the company’s experts and technicians will make an in-depth and detailed analysis of all the possible security threats that your business may face based on location, surroundings, nature of a business and all other related factors. This is important so that Top Master Locksmith can provide you with the most effective and beneficial locksmith solutions that satisfy all your personalized and individual, sensitive security concerns.

    Top Master Locksmith hopes to provide you with high quality, standardized and efficiently manufactured locks, which are made from a reliable and distinguished material that makes the locks highly resistant and adherent to lock key replication or drilling by individuals who may plan to break into your premises. Among the services offered by Top Master Locksmith for commercial clients include installing, duplicating and designing superior quality locks for cabinets, vaults, and safes for shopping centers, retail outlets, business complexes, factories, warehouses, banks, offices and trade centers.

    All of Top Master Locksmith’s equipment for locks and keys are highly standardized and have been manufactured with high quality and innovative technology, employing state-of-the-art cutting edge technology to ensure the safety of your premises.

    Some of Top Master Locksmith’s most innovative, highest quality and highly advanced technology lock systems include keypad locks, key card locks, and secure locks.


    This type of locks works through a proper code which, when entered into the keypad, releases a small current that causes the lock bolt to disengage. Then the lock will open.  This lock will certainly prevent burglars from breaking in since for sure, they can’t figure out the code. Most keypads sold today use touch screen panels instead of buttons. And they can either be digital or mechanical, some with a hold back option which is ideal for businesses that require the door to be left unlocked for a particular period of time. A keypad lock is one of the best solutions to lost, stolen and forgotten keys. With this type of lock, going inside your office will be keyless and effortless, as long as you remember the correct code.

    Keypad locks are easy to install and come in a variety of electronic finishes and styles. You can go for keypad deadbolt, keypad deadbolt with knob or lever for a stylish look, keypad deadbolt with handleset which is perfect for exterior entrance doors, connected keypad deadbolt that can hold up to 30 user codes, connected keypad deadbolt with knob or lever, connected keypad with handleset, keypad lock with auto-lock or keypad lock with flex-lock.

    Keypad deadbolts are designed for exterior doors and can hold up to 19 user codes. You can choose those with touchscreen and alarm or keyless touchscreen lever. Keypad lock with auto-lock is best for interior and exterior doors. This type of lock automatically re-locks after 5 seconds. Keypad lock with flex-lock lets you switch between unlocked or automatic re-locking. But whatever you choose, you are assured that this type of lock can tightly secure your office doors, giving burglars and robbers a hard time getting in.


    This new and innovative, modern technology lock is operated using a flat, rectangular plastic card, which is commonly referred to as a key card. The key card, which is a good alternative to mechanical keys, stores a digital code which, when inserted into the lock, causes the door to disengage the lock upon acceptance of the code. This type of lock, which is commonly used in hotels, rids you of the hassle of keeping or losing your keys. It also effectively prevents key duplication or breakage, keeping out burglars or any other possible threats to the safety of your premises.

    Among the most commonly used types of keycards are magnetic stripe, barcode, mechanical holecard, wire embedded cards, smart card and RFID (radio frequency identification) proximity cards.

    Magnetic stripe key card locks work by running the magnetic stripe over a sensor, which reads the stripe’s contents. Smart cards are embedded with a read/write electronic microchip and offer an enhanced level of security.


    Security should be your top-most concern if you want your business to run smoothly. By choosing the most secure locks, you are assured that burglars and robbers can’t barge into your establishment and take away your cash, equipment and other office valuables.

    Installing the most secure lock is not easy since you have to do some research as to the best type to use that would fit your kind of business. You may choose lever handle locks, cam locks, rim or mortise locks, euro profile cylinders, wall mounted locks or interchangeable core cylinders. If this gives you a hard time, engage the services of Top Master Locksmith who can make the decision for you.

    Top Master Locksmith serves to deliver highly advanced, all-encompassing and powerfully secure services to all its esteemed clients at highly economical and cost-effective rates. Its trained and experienced technicians are equipped with the latest modern technology to cater to all your commercial locksmith problems. They are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week at your request, even during emergencies.

    You can never go wrong with Top Master Locksmith as it is the only fast and reliable 24 hour emergency lock and key services company in the Greater Las Vegas Valley. Top Master Locksmith not only serves lock and key services to commercial clients but also offers auto locksmith and residential locksmith services.

    As the only reliable auto locksmith provider in Las Vegas, Top Master Locksmith offers lost key replacement, transponder key replacement, programming services, damaged key replacement, broken key removal/remake, VATS key remake/replacement, ignition lock repair, key cloning, key duplication, Lexus-Toyota-Honda ECU/Immobilizer Reflash Service, motorcycle key services, key shells/cases, ignition replacement, car key ignition, transponder key programming, auto chip key services, ignition switch repair, jammed ignition key removal, key cutting services and so much more.

    For residential clients, Top Master Locksmith offers installation of window and door locks, garage locks, patio door locks, cabinet locks, mailbox locks, and many more to best satisfy all your exclusive and sensitive security concerns regarding the safety of your life, property loved ones and belongings. 

    Top Master Locksmith also provides mobile emergency locksmith services such as emergency lockouts, auto car lockouts of all makes and models, motorcycle locks, Marshall evictions, high security locks, digital locks, fingerprint locks, combination locks, pick resistant locks, entry gate locks, sliding door locks, screen door locks, decorative handle sets, customized master rekey systems, transponder chip key, laser cut keys, access systems, panic bars installation, and safes opening and installation.

    The company serves clients in the communities of Henderson, North Las Vegas, Summerlin, Paradise, Enterprise, Sunrise Manor, Spring Valley and Boulder City. For all of your business’ locksmith services, trust Top Master Locksmith for an unmatched, quality and dependable work. Call now for a free quote.