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    Locks are an important security feature in any home, business or car. They provide protection to the occupants as well as keep property safe from people with malicious intentions such as stealing.

    It’s rather common for people to find themselves locked out of their home, office or vehicle. Most will only think of a locksmith in Las Vegas, NV when such an unfortunate event occurs, but there’s so much more service a locksmith can provide. A Locksmith provides a variety of services including key cutting, supply, fit, service and repair window and door locks as well as safes, supply and fit electronic access control systems, locksmith services for automobiles and 24 hour emergency services.


    Whatever your reason is for needing the services of a locksmith, it’s important to find a good and trustworthy locksmith to protect yourself and your property from fraudsters and other criminals.

    Below are some useful tips to help you find a locksmith you can trust with your safety and property.

    1. Word of mouth

    Ask your neighbors, friends and family for the contacts of a good locksmith in Las Vegas, NV whose service they’ve used before or who is well known to them and whom they trust. This is perhaps the best way to find a good locksmith especially in emergency cases where you don’t have time to thoroughly scrutinize their credentials. Much as word of mouth is a good way to find a good locksmith, ask for referrals only from people you know and trust; never strangers.

    1. Third party approval

    Check whether the business has valid third party approval. It’s best to use the services of a locksmith who has been vetted and inspected before being given a Las Vegas locksmith license. Such licensed locksmith companies will normally have been put through thorough checks, including the address provided so that you can be sure the company is local and not just a listing with no physical address.

    1. Don’t use national call centers

    These national call centers will give out the work to anyone within the area without much regard for their qualification or doing a full check thus you might end up with poorly done job or worse, a fraudster. They’ll also likely charge you more for the service compared to what your local Las Vegas NV licensed locksmith will charge.

    1. Use a roadside assistance service for your vehicle

    If you have been locked out of your car, consider calling for roadside assistance first. Good roadside assistance services will normally have a list of approved locksmiths in Las Vegas, NV who can help you get into your car.

    1. Get an estimate

    Ask for an estimate of the cost for the service as well as for getting replacement parts if they’re needed before the work actually begins. Good, legitimate locksmiths will be willing to give an estimate on phone in lock-out cases. If the price they quoted on phone greatly varies with what they demand on the ground or you’re presented with a blank form to sign authorizing work to be done, don’t accept.

    1. Is the locksmith insured

    Find out if the locksmith is insured and whether his insurance will pay for any damage to your property incurred as the locksmiths works or if their work leads to loss.

    1. Identification

    Ask for identification and a locksmith license if necessary from the locksmith when he arrives and expect him to ask for yours as well. A good locksmith should verify your identity before helping you get into the home, business or vehicle.

    1. Save contacts

    Keep the contacts of the locksmith if they’re reliable and trustworthy so that next time you need one, you don’t have to start the searching process all over again.

    1. Check the locksmith well

    When the case at hand is not an emergency and you have time, check out a locksmith thoroughly to ensure that you trust the right person with your property and safety.


    Checking the credentials of your locksmith in Las Vegas, NV


    1. Insist on seeing a license that is valid
    2. Check the address they have provided to make sure that the company really exists at that location. You need to verify this so that you’d know where to find them in case of any problem.
    3. Don’t allow a stranger without proof of ID to perform the work. You could be giving a fraudster free access. Insist on ID.
    4. Check the vehicle the locksmith shows up in. Check whether it has a clear company name and logo on it.