It is difficult to choose between a new key and lock replacement. You could end up wasting too much time trying to make a choice between these two options without much success. According to security experts, replacing the entire lock all the time is not a wise decision.

    Nowadays, it is possible to rekey most locks in any building. The beauty of rekeying is that it offers the same level of security upgrade but at a much cheaper price. For this reason, you should seek the assistance of a locksmith to make it easier to choose between the two.

    At times, a new key is all that you need to make the home safe and secure one more. Other times, you need to replace the locks. Therefore, when should you seek the intervention and assistance of a locksmith in choosing between lock replacement and new key or locking system?

    1. When moving house

    You need the expertise of the locksmith to evaluate the pros and cons of lock replacement vis-à-vis those of a new key when moving house. If you do not have information regarding the whereabouts of the previous keys, getting a new key or replacing the locks would be advisable.

    1. After a break-in

    After a break-in, you should never assume that the home is safe and that the burglars cannot return now that they have already broken in and stolen stuff. It is advisable to change the keys or replace the locks every time the burglars break into your home.

    The need for a new key or lock replacement goes a notch higher if you notice that the burglars got into the home without forced entry. Burglars get in without forced entry if they find the door open or have extra keys. For this reason, change the locks and get new keys immediately.

    1. When keys are lost or stolen

    If you notice that your keys are either lost or stolen, the first assumption should be that somebody who wants to enter the home without permission has them. For this reason, you should ask the locksmith to report to the house quickly and replace the locks or copy new keys.

    At times, you will discover much later that the keys you thought were lost or stolen were in the house all along. However, rather than take such chances, it is much better and highly advisable to prepare accordingly by imagining the worst so that you institute the right safety measures.

    1. Upgrading locks

    A single cylinder lock does not provide anywhere near the same level of protection and security that you get from a double cylinder lock. For this reason, it is understandable if you opt to upgrade from single to double lock. In such instances, you should choose lock replacements.

    1. Faulty locks

    If the keys have tendency of being stuck on the locks all the time, you could be better off opting for lock replacement rather than paying for a new set of keys. Replace the locks especially if the locksmith has tried cleaning them, but they are still as faulty as they have always been.

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