• lost keys


    Losing keys can be a nearly traumatic experience. The fear or trauma will remain in place whether you lose keys that open the doors of your car, home or office. If the keys give you access to a single room in the house where you need to get something important, the level of trauma can be just as high. Some people freak out after realizing that they’ve lost their keys. On the other hand, instead of panicking, here is what to do to avoid misplacing keys in the first place:

    Key Holders

    Key holders will solve this problem for you in a heartbeat. However, if the problem is to disappear permanently, make sure that the key holders are bulky enough. This way you’ll have no trouble finding the lost or misplaced keys quickly, thus avoiding the urge to call the local locksmith once more for a new set of keys or to change the locks. Invest in key holders and the problem of losing keys all the time will be no more.


    For people who don’t want to bunch their keys up but prefer moving around with only a single key, a lanyard is a much better tool to use. Investing in a lanyard is much cheaper than spending tens or hundreds of dollars on hiring a Las Vegas locksmith. Simply tie the lanyard to your key without necessarily having to tie it around the neck, which can be a bit uncomfortable. Hang the key and lanyard in a conspicuous location where you can see it easily.

    Bunch Them Up

    This strategy is good if you have several keys. Bunch all related keys together to avoid losing them or spending too much time looking for them. If you live in a huge house with several rooms and need multiple keys to open the doors, bunching them up would be helpful. Keep office keys separately from the home keys. Keep car keys separately from all other types of keys. This makes it easier to notice the loss of any key.

    Key Box

    Talk with your locksmiths in Las Vegas and get quotes from them regarding making and installing a key box next to the main door of your house or office. The key box proves helpful when dealing with shared keys. The boxes guarantee a centralized place where you can store all keys and notice any missing, misplaced or lost keys so that you call your preferred Las Vegas locksmith fast before the situation gets any worse.

    Key Plate

    In addition to the key box, ask the locksmiths in Las Vegas for ideas on how to install a key plate next to the door. The plate is just as important as the key box in providing a centralized place for storing all the keys. With the plates in place, you’ll have little difficulty dropping or collecting the keys when entering or leaving the house respectively. This way, you never have to worry about losing or misplacing keys. You’ll not incur expenses on hiring a locksmith in Vegas.

    Duplicate Keys

    Ask the locksmith to make several duplicates of your keys. Obviously, the number of duplicate keys he makes depends on your budget and the number of people in the office. If operating on tight budget, ask for one or two duplicates. A single set of duplicate keys for your car is more than sufficient to avoid a situation where a person you never gave permission to drive the car does just that, thus causing an accident or loss of the vehicle.

    Finally, don’t be hesitate leaving a copy of the key to a friend or relative. This way, you’ll still have access to your house, office or car despite losing the original set of keys. Let the friend or relative only give the key to you in case you lose your copy or misplace it. Be careful to give the copy only to a relative or friend that you trust implicitly. For more help on ways to avoid losing your keys, contact Top Master Locksmith today.