• Importance Of Las Vegas Residential Lock Re-Keying

    Have you just moved into a new home? Or have you just had someone move out of yours? You never quite know whether or not that person kept back a key or made a copy of the key they were given. As a result, you might be considering the costly process of changing all the locks in your home.

    Before you put your money down on new locks for your Las Vegas home, consider the option of re-keying your existing locks. This method of updating your residential locks is more cost effective but is just as efficient as complete lock replacement. Below are some of the reasons that a Las Vegas locksmith recommends re-keying your locks before replacing them.

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    A key cylinder and keys for a re-keying process

    What is Lock Re-Keying?

    Traditionally, when you are considering updating your home access points to prevent unauthorized entry, you would consult a Las Vegas locksmith to change out your locks. This way, you know that any extra keys that might be floating around will simply be invalid.

    While this is still an effective method of keeping your Las Vegas home secure, there is a more affordable option that many homeowners have been catching on to: Las Vegas re-keying solutions.

    Lock re-keying is a simple, secure answer to home security. In this case, instead of changing the lock for another one, the locksmith just changes the existing lock. They do this by changing the pins on the inside of the lock, so the lock will need a new key to open.

    There are up to six of these pins in the lock. They differ in size. They are lined up so that only the correct key will fit in exactly with the pins. If you don’t have the correct key, the pins will be in the way, preventing you from unlocking the door, even with a key that previously would have opened the lock. 

    With re-keying, all that needs to be done is to change one of these pins. That by itself will ensure that the key will no longer work. However, if you are looking to get the maximum benefit, changing all of the pins is the best way to go.

    Even with all the pins being swapped out, it is a lot less expensive than having to buy brand new locks for all of your access points. 

    Why Not Get the Same Keys for All External Doors?

    If you are considering re-keying your Las Vegas residence, you might want to know whether or not you can use the same key pattern for all of your doors. And the answer is yes! While re-keying your doors, you can choose to have all of the pins set the same so that you can use the same key for all of your entry doors. However, in the event that you lose your keys, you may face several problems. You could be completely locked out of your home and require an emergency Las Vegas locksmith to help you get back in. And of course you will need to have all of your locks re-keyed for security reasons.

    Is Re-Keying Your Las Vegas Home Locks Always The Best Option?

    Most of the time, yes. You are essentially completely changing the way the locking mechanism operates so any of the old keys will be invalid. Where it might not be advisable is where the original lock is in bad shape.

    If any of the insides have started corroding, or it is coming to the end of its useful lifespan, you are probably better off getting it replaced altogether. In these cases, you might want to consider getting smart locks or other upgraded access systems to better secure your home. 

    Consult with an experienced Las Vegas locksmith to find out if your locks can be re-keyed or if they need to be replaced. 

    Is This Process Useful for Sticky Locks?

    This is something that the locksmith would need to check, but it is possible that the pins have started to corrode or become damaged in some way if your Las Vegas locks are sticking. If this is the case, you might want to consider lock replacement instead of re-keying. 

    I am the First Owner of My Las Vegas Home – Do I Need To Re-Key?

    Yes, it would be advisable to get the lock re-keyed, even if you are the first owner of your property. In the case of new construction, the keys often have what is called a master pin in them. The contractor has the key that will open this lock. Because of this master pin, your key will work, but so will theirs.

    What they should do is to remove this master pin before handing over the house. Surprisingly enough, though, most contractors do not take this final step, as many homeowners are unaware of the master pin. It is always a good idea to re-key your residential locks when you purchase a new home so that you can be sure that your home is secured. 

    If you choose to get your locks re-keyed after buying a home, you should also consider having your locks re-keyed to match.

    Call A Re-Keying Expert

    Re-keying is a safe way of securing your Las Vegas home, without needing to spend a ton of money on new lock installations. Not sure how to re-key your locks? An experienced Las Vegas locksmith will be able to re-key your residential locks in a matter of minutes. Call Top Master Locksmith at (702) 912-7612 if you are in need of re-keying services in Las Vegas.