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    A house break-in is possibly one of the most fearful things that a homeowner may experience. Let’s face it, thieves are everywhere. They strike anywhere and anytime, even in broad daylight. And they are most fearless at night when everyone is in deep sleep.

    Under the cover of darkness, many bad things happen. And one of these is house burglary. And it takes only less than one minute for an expert thief to break into a house. Call a Las Vegas locksmith today.

    You cannot prevent the bad guys from barging into a house and stealing every valuable item they see. But you can prevent them from breaking into your house. What you need to do is to install a security system and set up an effective and reliable locking system that can provide maximum security to your property, giving the thieves a hard time getting inside your house. 


    The doors and windows are two of the most important parts of your house. But these can also be the most dangerous ones because thieves usually pass through the door or the windows to get inside.

    If all the doors of your house don’t have a secured lock, then chances are big that the thieves can easily open them. The same with your windows. If thieves can’t enter through the door, they can very well get in through the windows if these do not also have secured and dependable locks. Sliding windows are easy to open if no double lock is installed.

    To make your house secured, install the correct kinds of locks, latches, bolts and handles on your doors and windows.

    There are many kinds of interior and exterior door locks and latches that can match the overall design and style of your house, which are suitable for either uPVC or wooden doors. Available are cylinder locks, British standard mortice sash and deadlocks, multipoint locks, night latches, keypad code locks, thumbturn locks, combination locks, tubular latches, safety latches, door chains and bolts.

    Fire door strips and seals are also necessary to fill the gaps around the fire door with a flame-tight seal, which will surely give you peace of mind especially at night.

    For your windows, there are available lockable window handles, swing locks, casement stays, sash window locks and snap-locks to secure your home.

    You can also choose a wide range of catches, latches and bolts such as barrel bolts, hasps, gate latches and staples.

    For padlocks, you can choose brass, laminate or those resistant to all types of weather to make sure these won’t easily give in during winter or when there is storm.

    If you are using sliding doors or windows, change your ordinary locks into a more secured type like foot locks, door pins and sash locks.


    Aside from being a “house” for your car or bike, a garage is also used by most homeowners as a storage area for expensive tools and garden machineries like a lawn mower.

    The garage can be another entry point for thieves in addition to doors and windows so you also have to secure its doors. If thieves manage to break in through the garage, for sure your expensive tools will be gone, or worse, your bike or car.

    Thieves can also use those expensive tools to break the lock of your main house if the lock is not secured enough.

    There are plenty of locks available that are suitable for all garage door types. You can choose a universal electric key switch with a high security tubular key, a garage door control with push button, a bolt lock or a security rim garage door lock.

    There is also the car type locking garage door handle that gives a unique look, the anti-vandal garage door lock for a stylish yet high on security lock, and the garage door defender with a padlock that is concealed when fitted.

    You may also choose a heavy duty garage lock with a hardened case for high security, or a key operated garage door emergency release with a weather resistant high security tubular key.

    But whatever you choose, make sure this can provide maximum security to anyone who lives in the house.


    Patios are important in every home as this is where you receive your guests for dining events or any recreation activities.

    You may not store your valuables inside the patio but there could be some equipment or appliances that thieves may find attractive so it is also important to secure this area.

    Most homeowners use sliding glass doors in their patios which are easy targets for thieves because these kinds of doors often have built-in locks that are just like simple latches. An experienced thief can just jiggle the door to open it.

    The best thing that you have to do is to add a sliding door loop lock to reinforce security of your sliding glass door. This lock is made of hardened steel and it would be hard for a thief to open the door once the lock is already installed.

    You can also add a keyed patio door lock which is designed to prevent unwanted guests from wiggling the door to loosen it, or a mortise lock with adjustable hook projection.

    Patio sliding glass doors are often hidden from view or concealed so a thief can just easily enter without being noticed. So make sure the door is securely locked at all times.


    Most homeowners keep their valuables inside their cabinets so when these do not have a secured lock, thieves can surely get away with either their precious jewelry or hard-earned money.

    So for your cabinets, get the most secured lock to make sure no amount of force can open it.

    You can use the double door lock which can lock two cabinets with just one turn of the key, or you can choose the decorative swing latches to add beauty to your cabinet.

    There is also the full mortise chest lock that is brass plated, or the surface mounted cedar chest lock and latch which is safe for children since this lock cannot be shut without pushing the button at the front.

    You may also choose the surface mounted cupboard lock which is ideal for China cabinets, wardrobes and other inset doors, or the snap-in lock bodies to secure your drawers and single or double cabinet doors.

    For the jewelry boxes that you placed inside your cabinet, you can install decorative jewelry box latches in nickel or brass, which is an economical latch for your jewelry cases and boxes.

    You can also install the mini-latch automatic spring catch which is particularly useful during earthquakes as this can’t easily open the cabinet’s doors, or the surface mounted grandfather clock lock which is excellent for cabinets with narrow frames.


    There are times when the mailman can’t wait for you to come home to deliver your package so he puts it instead on your mailbox.

    Your mailbox may carry some important documents or valuables that can attract thieves so it is also important to secure it.

    If your mailbox already has a lock but you think it is not secure enough to thwart any thieves from getting your delivered valuables, replace it with more durable locks.

    You can use the mailbox lock constructed from die cast with dust cover, which can fit all cutler federal exterior residential gang boxes. Its keyway has a spring loaded dust cover.

    This mail box lock has a nickel-plated face and cover and features a spring steel-locking clip and zinc plated steel cam.

    Or you can entirely change your mailbox door with the one that makes use of a solid brass material, which can have a powdered coated finish for protection.

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