Today, it’s common to find that the entry door locksets in most homes are overly reliant on lock cylinders. For this reason, many customers are left wondering what they are missing by opting not to install such types of locks in their homes.

    The locks feature pins that you must manipulate into the proper position using key cut thus enabling it to fit the lock. The cylinders are among the most secure and safe, thus the reason your locksmith will keep recommending it to you.

    Although the locks are among the most popular today, they carry a fair share of risks and benefits that you must know before asking the locksmith to install them in your home. For this reason, what should you know about these types of locks? What are its pros and cons?


    Some of the pros or benefits of installing lock cylinders in your house include the following:

    • Easy rekeying

    If the entire lock has a problem, you do not have to consider removing it completely. This is because the lock cylinder is easily accessible by simply removing a few screws from the lock. The locksmith would then be able to rekey the lock.

    • Quick reconfiguring

    Easy accessibility of the lock allows for quick adaptation of the lock thus transforming it into wafer tumbler lock. The easy accessibility is great as it also allows the locksmith to transform the lock into a pun tumbler lock or disc tumbler lock, based on what you want.

    • Create a master key fast

    It is much easier to change the locks on all the doors in your home so that you can open them with a single key – most probably a master key. The beauty of the lock cylinder is that it is easier to change and make it easy to open with the same key.

    • Easily set up as single or double cylinder

    Before setting up the double cylinder lock, check the local laws to establish whether this is permissible or not. Setting up the double cylinder lock dissuades burglars from accessing your home while you are away.


    Some of the cons or risks that you need to know about installing lock cylinders at home include:

    • Easily opened using lock picks

    The pins that are inside the lock cylinders are easy to manipulate using lock pin tools. It is for this reason that some burglars love homes secured with such types of locks. Therefore, you need to ascertain such facts with your locksmith first prior to installing such locks.

    • Cannot withstand bump keys

    Burglars love using bump keys to gain access to homes secured with lock cylinders. Since lock cylinders are vulnerable to bump keys, which even pre-teens can use after spending time on the Internet learning how to do, it is good idea to talk with your locksmith about them first.

    For this reason, although lock cylinders have several benefits, it is advisable to spend some time with your locksmith going over them to consider whether it is a good idea to install them in your home. Look at the pros and cons of the locks and ask for more information from your locksmith.