The major signs of locksmith scams that you should look out for are intimidation, price gouging and misleading customers. During emergencies, especially upon discovering that you just lost or misplaced your key, the likelihood of being the latest victim of the scamming locksmith would increase significantly. The scams often take place when you have no specific name to call, but simply chose from the list that you find in the phone book.

    Consumers everywhere keep complaining of these scams. Most consumers have opted to file lawsuits to recover the money that they lost through the scams. Government agencies keep publishing warnings to the people behind the scams to desist from such practices. News reports appear all the time regarding the latest victims of the scams. Trade associations formed by locksmiths are also doing their bit to sensitize consumers about the scams.

    The scams occur even with the most basic of locksmith services. For example, you call a locksmith to fix a malfunctioning lock that of your front door of your house. For this type of service, the technician should ordinarily charge a fee of around $150. However, calling the locksmith only led to being re-routed a call center of a different company or city. By the time the technicians arrive and fix the problem, they leave you with an invoice of around $580.

    The scammers who carry out these swindles are renowned for being coercive and applying tactics that are designed to intimidate you. They use phrases such as “we need the money right now”. The scammers are not hesitant in strong-arming you into doing what they want. The scammers behind the increasing number of locksmith swindles are never afraid to engage in other criminal activities such as:

    1. Wire fraud
    2. Mail fraud
    3. Conspiring to recruit and employ people who are not allowed to work in the United States from foreign countries

    To undertake such scams, the individuals operate call centers. Any customer who objects to the high invoice will receive responses from the scammers who masquerade as locksmiths that often revolve around the following:

    • “This is theft of services”
    • “We will call the police”
    • “We will withhold your keys or driver’s license”

    The scammers see nothing wrong in displaying their willingness to escort you to the nearest ATM to withdraw money and pay them. To avoid being one of the victims of such scammers, it is important to do a bit of research. The Internet is a wonderful tool where you can find lists of the worst locksmiths in your city or town. Checking the Internet to find what other customers have to say about specific locksmiths would also help you avoid the scammers.

    For these reasons, protect yourself from scammers by choosing not to hire locksmiths who do shoddy jobs. Avoid any locksmith whose credentials you find suspicious. Check with the local trade associations. Only call reliable and trustworthy locksmiths with impeccable record of providing excellent solutions and services. Check the prices from more than one technician. Always ascertain the price with the technician before he begins work.