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    Vegas baby locked in car

    Have you ever left your baby locked inside the car? This situation can be traumatizing especially if you cannot find the keys for opening the doors and getting your child out. If the baby is crying and panicking inside the car, the urgency of the situation can make you contemplate some drastic measures to get them out. Fortunately, Top Master Locksmith has the solution to take care of you and your baby without damaging the car.

    Real Life Situation

    Recently, a dad found himself in the exact situation. Instead of panicking and growing increasingly confused regarding what to do, the dad had the presence of mind to call Top Master Locksmith. He could have tore the windows down to access the child, but opted for a more pragmatic option. The dad was lucky in that he discovered that a representative was available to reach the site in less than 5 minutes.


    The father was so thankful he left the following positive review:

    As I put my son in his car seat I set my keys on the center console of the car. Once he was all strapped in, I closed his door, and all the doors locked. I was about to tear through the window, but I googled Baby Locked In Car, Top Master Locksmith website said they will open the car for free. I knew they took it as serious as I did. I called them, explained the situation and they said they would be there in 5 to 10 minutes. I was terrified it would be too long and still had thoughts of breaking the glass. Moar (pronounced moe-ar) found me in the parking lot of Town Square in less than 3 minutes and had the car door open in 2 minutes. I had no cash for a tip and I begged him to charge me. He simply asked that I leave a review. This is my Locksmith for life!


    Quick Response

    Top Master Locksmith technician arrives within minutes. The company employs several technicians who are never far away. It takes them an average of 15 minutes to reach the car and open it, thus getting the locked baby out. The company runs a 24-hour service, thus ensuring that a technician is available to respond to distress and emergency calls any time of the day or night. A child locked in a car is an emergency that needs quick solutions.

    You do not have to go through the agonizing experience of watching helplessly while your child remains locked inside the car. The main advantage of calling Top Master Locksmith for their expertise in opening locked car doors is that they offer these services free when a child is involved. Other companies or technicians would charge you for this service. By using their services, you avoid ailments such as:

    1. Hyperventilation
    2. Suffocation
    3. Dehydration
    4. Panic attacks

    By arriving early and opening the locked doors quickly, the technicians save you and your child from panic attacks. You should not only call the technicians for their expertise after discovering that the car keys are inside the vehicle. When you lock the car doors and discover that the keys cannot unlock it, yet your child is inside and unable to get out, pick your phone to call Top Master Locksmith for quick intervention.

    Emergency Services

    The situation can be a bit intense when the temperatures are hot, especially during summer. By calling the locksmiths from Top Master to come to your rescue, it gives you the peace of knowing that the child or children will be out of the car before experiencing heat exhaustion. Moreover, taking this option saves you from getting late to the upcoming important meetings that you were to attend.

    The technicians are not only competent, but also efficient at opening the locked doors within a couple of minutes at most. Moreover, if the car key was unable to open the locked door from outside, the Top Master Locksmith is experienced to repair it. If the car key is completely damaged and unable to ever open a car door again, the technicians can also replace it but only after rescuing the child first.

    Unmatched Experience

    Unlike other locksmiths, the technicians from Top Master know how to unlock any car door regardless of brand, complexity or security system installed to make it impossible to breach or open. Any discomfort that you feel watching your child struggling or crying inside a locked car should be over the moment the technician arrives. This is because the locksmiths have a great success rate, thus yet to experience failure trying to open a locked car door.

    Therefore, take the proactive action of calling Top Master Locksmith immediately you notice the car doors locked with the children inside. As previously stated, the locksmiths unlock the door without damaging the interior or exterior of your car. The locksmiths do not damage the car’s security system. More importantly, the locksmiths open the door without asking for any payment, especially during an emergency that involves a child.