• locksmith scams

    If you’re to avoid falling into locksmith scams, your first goal should be to learn how to spot such con acts. The goal of the fraud is to swindle you of your hard-earned cash. It’s not impossible to identify a locksmith in Vegas who engages in such scam-filled activities with the aim of convincing you to pay more for the services that he offers. Identifying the scams should be on your list of priorities as the frauds are the fastest growing in the US today.

    To avoid such scams, it’s important to know the rates for most of the services that a locksmith charges. To avoid getting scammed, it’s crucial to identify a reliable locksmith and use his services all the time. First, check the rates that the locksmith displays online. If the rates appear too low than what’s currently going on in the market, be careful. Low rates could lead to higher invoices after the technician has disassembled the lock for repairs.

    Other signs to look out for include:

    • Bullying tactics
    • Threats to call the police
    • Refusal to return the credit card that he asked for earlier
    • Doing botched jobs that cost an arm and a leg to redo
    • Lack of a locksmith licenses and other relevant documentation

    Therefore, if you now know how to identify a locksmith in Vegas who might be interested in defrauding you, the next goal is to know what to do to avoid becoming his latest victim. In this regard, what you should focus on going forward to ensure that you’re not an easy target for scams anywhere in Las Vegas despite your demand for the locksmith services. This includes the following measures:

    Check their Names

    A reputable locksmith in Las Vegas will have a business name. He will not answer calls with generic terms such as Las Vegas locksmith. If he does not want to tell you the exact legal name for his business, continue the search instead of working with him. If you work with such a secretive locksmith, be ready to lose money and waste time.


    Never hire a professional who is unwilling to provide you with proper identification. Do not hesitate to ask for a locksmith license as well. The license might not be a requirement in your state. On the other hand, if the law expects the professional to have the license, do not hesitate to demand for one.


    Do not allow any work to commence without proper and detailed estimate. The technician should also provide an estimate for any emergency work that he might undertake while on the premises or working on the car. Do not hesitate to ask for extra work revolving around service calls, mileage and emergency hours before allowing the technician to do his work.

    Matching Rates

    The rates that the Vegas locksmith quotes over the phone should match what he says while at the site. If there is any discrepancy in the rates, do not give the technician the permission to proceed with the work. This is because there is nothing new in locksmith services. All the work that the technicians do revolves around the same services all the time.

    It’s important to ascertain that the technicians arrive in clearly marked vehicles. Moreover, if you’re locked out of the car, office or home, do not allow the locksmith to rush into replacing or drilling the lock upfront. For the most part, an experienced technician owns the tools and expertise required to unlock the door without having to drill or replace any part. Technicians who rush to drill or replace the locks want to quote a much higher figure than you were ready to pay.

    For this reason, if you want more information on ways for avoiding the scams that some of the Las Vegas locksmiths carry out, do not forget to get in touch with Top Master Locksmith today.